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What if I tell you that there is a family of 7 members that travel the world just to run? It sounds crazy until you are put into context. This marathon family, or as they are known, the
Wolfpack Runners are in purse of one goal only: complete the Abbott Marathon Majors. Six of the toughest marathons in the world.

It all began with a father’s dream to encourage his 5 boys to join him to run during the weekends. It grew as you can imagine, and today everyone joins the hype. This is their story.




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bmw berlin

Over seven world records have been broken along this infamous loop, which is what makes it that much more excitement-filled.

More than just a marathon, the whole city comes alive with more than 70 bands and a festival that pulls from the neighboring countries just for a glimpse of the action.



The first marathon to be completed by all the members of the pack. By far the biggest challenge we took as a family then, and the proof that we had the capacity to pursue that epic Guinness World Record.

take away:


Many were the lessons learned in Berlin. Above all, there is always the thirst for improving. We got a well-deserved average time of 4:10:50, however, now that the Guinness World Record was on its way, we knew that the biggest challenge ahead would be Boston due to their classification’s rules. All of us would have to have an average time of roughly 1 hour less. A REAL challenge ahead.


tcs new york

Beginning with just 55 finishers racing around Central Park, the New York Marathon has grown to become one of the most popular marathons around the world. The original race was nothing more than circling repeatedly through Central Park, but since 1970 when it was created, the route has been expanded to see more of NewYork’s character and excitement.



New York was harder than Berlin due to the weather. A truly difficult rainy day that blended with the sweat could add up to 2 3 kilograms of weight in you body. Still, we manage as a pack and no one stayed behind the finish line. Yet, the results were reflected in our average time which rise roughly 10 minutes to 4:20:08.


take away:

Since we run our first marathon, Amsterdam '14, we always half joke that there was probably no family in the world pursuing such amazing feat and that we were probably breaking a world record.
That's how the idea of the applying for a Guinness World Record came to be.

However, it was only 2 months before running New York that our half jokes became full reality when our application for the 'most family members to complete all major world marathons' was approved and therefore the main motivation was at hand.


bank of america chicago

Participants from all over the world pack themselves into Grant Park to take part in both the marathon event and the spectacular celebration that Chicago offers.

A city like no other, during the race you go around downtown center and even get a glimpse of Lake Michigan and the city skyline.



Chicago was no walk in the park, but not the hardest of the marathons either. With some experience already (Amsterdam '14, Vienna '15, Berlin '16 and New York '17), we knew what lied ahead. The race was spectacular, the most beautiful city so far, and the fastest time ever done!.

take away:


With Berlin and New York in our pocket, there was a natural inclination to do Chicago at a faster time.
Every marathon runner can relate at this point how passionate one becomes after their first or second marathon. Is not just about finishing the race anymore.

As the distance does not get shorter in a marathon, we demonstrated how into the sport, the record and the family we were into by doing an average time of 3:56:43! Our first time under the 4 hours.



Tokyo Marathon (東京マラソン) is the largest marathon race in all of Asia, and without doubt the land of the rising sun, Japan, is one of the most marathon crazy nations in the world. The event has about 30,000 places for the marathon, for which almost 300,000 people apply, with final selections based on a lottery. The event is a relatively new entrant in marathon circle, with the first edition happening not too far back in 2007.



Tokyo is the next challenge and we are eagerly waiting for it. At the moment the lottery is being held and we have not received news if we will be part of it.

If you think you can help us with the inscriptions, we would be extremely grateful. Please get in touch in the 'contact page'.



Thank you guys from Wolfpack for your story and awesome motivation! Taking my family out to do sports will be much easier after I tell them about you.

Cristobal Cifuentes


Thanks to your story I’m excited about reaching new goals and meeting more amazing people who appreciate the sport and share the same thoughts. This is really motivational for newbies like myself. Thank you so much for your incredible work that you do for our generation and for the youth!

Felipe Costa


The healthy lifestyle makes us move, and running a marathon is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your body, spirit, and willpower. But I never thought you can bond with your family in such a deep way running together. I must try it myself!

Maria Johannes

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