The Beginning of a Dream

Was 1988 when the head of the pack was invited to run the third-ever organized marathon in Chile by his former company, Hoechst. A monumental challenge for Rodrigo who did not participated on a competition since his years as an athlete at the “Liceo Francés”back in the 70’s-80’s. 

A great feat with an even greater reward. The realization that the body can, and the mind wants. With a time of 3:53:15, this race became the foundation for Rodrigo’s passion to run, which later will subtlety spread like a virus to the whole family.

Going Pro and a New Vision

Rodrigo continued developing his passion over the following 25 years. To take the sport a step further, he decided to train more professionally and found like-minded people in the greatest running team in Chile: The Santiago Runners.

After having run 8 marathon in the past 2 decades and a half, he decided to go international with none other than the New York marathon, one of the biggest in the world and part of the ‘6-majors’.

April of that year 2001 saw Rodrigo crossing again the finish line for the Santiago Marathon.  Was at this moment when he knew New York was going to be his best marathon ever. The month of the race: November.

He remembers: “New York was both exciting and terrifying. Just a few days earlier the terror reigned the street of New York due to the Twin Towers attack. However, the joy of so many to run a Marathon for the first time and being cheered in the streets by a huge crowd of New Yorkers was a demonstration that the mood was positively changing since 9/11”

The prediction was right after all: 3:11:51, his new personal record. However, not the most exciting part of the race. It was the new vision he just captures while crossing the finish line. He recalls his thought at the moment: “this experience is too good to do it alone. I want it to share it with those whom I love the most”

At his return to Santiago, he decided to buy new running shoes for his 5 sons. The era Wolfpack began here

Wolfpack goes International

During the following decade since the New York marathon, Rodrigo decided to encourage all his sons to be passionate about sports in general. 

He always supported outdoor activities by purchasing bicycles and running equipment to enjoy the beautiful tracks found in the nearby mountain of the Los Andes mountain range.

Rodrigo tried to sign-in all the pack to several races, but it was getting harder and harder due to the chaotic nature of each one of the sons during their teenage years.

TO revert the situation before it was too late, Rodrigo gave a great reward in exchange for a great achievement. The prize? His sons could choose anywhere in the world to travel for 2 weeks…the challenge? T run a full marathon.

As long as everyone participated in the race, the family would travel. Tempting enough to encourage at least the 3 oldest sons to run the full marathon and the younger 2 to pursue the half marathon.

Amsterdam was the choice by the clan. Why? That will remain a mystery, but the deal was done and everyone set off to train for the next 6 months.

Needless to say, there were great challenges besides the race. “Happens to be quite difficult to organize the first trip to Europe, as tourism is on the rise in the old continent, and everything must be booked with several months of anticipation. Not a strength within the Lobo family.” add Tomás.

The Abbott Marathon Majors Challenge

Without further due…the Wolfpack!! (intense cheerings). The coverage this time in Berlin was better than ever. The Deutsche Welle found great interest in the Wolfpack’s story and sent the reporter Hecko Flores to cover the big news with a well-made 4 minutes documentary.

A great story was made that 25th of September of 2016. The Wolfpack would finally complete a whole Marathon with each one of its 6 members. Agustín (4:34:51), Rodrigo (4:29:20), Tomás (4:18:28), Raimundo (4:11:55), Rodrigo Jr. (3:51:25) and Santiago (3:39:01) were all finishers and finally began the long awaited challenge for the World Major Marathons.

Clearly, no husband nor children would accomplish their greatest dreams without the support of a loving mother. “I may not run in the streets of the Marathon, but all the effort of raising all the Lobitos (little wolfs) have been my own race. Besides, someone has to take the pictures on the finish line!” laughs Paulina.

After Berlin, the Wolfpack has conquered New York 2017 and Chicago 2018. They are half away of this amazing adventure, yet , contrary to the journey of a marathon where the first half tends to be the fastest, the Wolfpack has more energies than ever to tackle the last 3 major marathons and get the Guinness World record .

This story is becoming an epic tail of effort and family strength. Follow the team in their journey to glory and believe in the power of determination of 1 father.

Here is for the Wolfpack!


worlwide coverage


GWR attempt

Accepted Application by GWR

The Wolfpack Runners, conformed by 6 members of the Lobo family, aims to become the largest family to have completed all the World Major Marathons.

Cofounded by the father Rodrigo, and his 5 sons: Rodrigo Jr. Tomas, Santiago, Agustin and Raimundo, Wolfpack is a Chilean family that begun their venture for the “Majors Challenge” since the year 2016, when they run the first major Marathon in Berlin, Germany. 

Now, less than a month away from the New York Marathon 2017, this family is decided to travel around the world and achieve this world record by 2021, after having run one Major Marathon annually. 

As you could imagine, this endeavor is not simple. Besides logistical and monetary issues to gather the whole family in one location per year, we find particular strain on securing 6 openings within the limited applications that usually gather over 300% demand per Major Marathon. 

Nevertheless, we are positive on succeeding with this project, partly because of the momentum our pursue has gathered through several international media coverage, and as well due to our strong conviction on becoming a closer family bonded by endurance. 

On behalf of the Lobo family, I Santiago, write to the Guinness World Records looking for your recognition on this major feat. In my long-research I have not found any similar accomplishment regarding the World Major Marathons and we are eager to become part of the Guinness family with such a memorable achievement. We really appreciate your time to review this application.

At the same time, we hope to hear from you soon with further instructions to track this potential record properly. Yours faithfully, Santiago Lobo van Wersch P.D.: For more information visit our oficial webpage: 

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