Is the highest resource of the Wolfpack. We are not the fastest nor the most organized family, but our spirit will always take us to every finish line. We've seen it all. traines memebers with injuries half way the race. Non-trained members ready ro 42k until ams are soared and feet purple. And of course the classic 'I planned to do 3:50' and went close to the 3h. It is all product of a huge spirit that the Wolfpack family shares from the beginning.


our team


our team
Team - 7

Rodrigo Lobo

Record: 03hr. 11min. 18sec. at the Buenos Aires Marathon 2006

Team - 6

Paulina van Wersch

Team - 2

Rodrigo Lobo

Record: 03hr. 42min. 05sec. at the Chicago Marathon 2018

Team - 1

Tomás Lobo

Record: 03hr. 32min. 45sec. at the New York Marathon 2017

Team - 3

Santiago Lobo

Record: 03hr. 16min. 02sec. at the Chicago Marathon 2018

Team - 5

Agustín Lobo

Record: 04hr. 32min. 07sec. at the Chicago Marathon 2018

Team - 4

Raimundo Lobo

Record: 04hr. 11min 55 sec in New York Marathon 2017

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